The Big Bang Theory Season 1 Episode 2

The Big Bran Hypothesis - All Season 1 episodes

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Directed by: Mark Cendrowski

Story by: Chuck Lorre & Bill Prady

Teleplay by:  Robert Cohen & Dave Goetsch

Original air date: October 1, 2007

When Sheldon and Leonard drop off a box of flat pack furniture that came for Penny, Sheldon is deeply disturbed at how messy and disorganized her apartment is. Later that night, while Penny sleeps, the obsessive-compulsive Sheldon, unable to sleep, sneaks into her apartment to organize and clean it. Leonard finds out and reluctantly helps him. The next morning, Penny is furious to discover they had been in her apartment. Sheldon tries to apologize to Penny but fails by remarking that Leonard is a “gentle and thorough lover”. Later, Penny encounters Raj in the hallway. Though he cannot talk to Penny, she calms down whilst telling him about the issue, reasoning the guys were just trying to help her, and hugs Raj. Then Leonard apologizes, prompting Penny to forgive and hug him.

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