The Big Bang Theory Season 7 Episode 1

The Hofstadter Insufficiency - All Season 7 episodes

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Directed by: Mark Cendrowski

Story by : Chuck Lorre & Steven Molaro & Tara Hernandez

Teleplay by : Eric Kaplan & Jim Reynolds & Steve Holland

Original air date: September 26, 2013

During the summer Penny and Sheldon bond over missing Leonard. Penny calls Leonard, who is partying on the ship, clearly not missing her. Penny suggests exchanging secrets with Sheldon, saying she was topless in an unreleased horror movie – not new to Sheldon, as Howard found the clip when they first met. Sheldon’s “secret” is disliking YouTube’s new rating system – trivial to Penny, who almost leaves in annoyance, but stays and apologizes on realizing she hurt Sheldon’s feelings. Leonard shows his shipmates Penny’s movie. Meanwhile, Raj talks to the recently divorced Mrs. Davis at a university function, apologizing to her after initially insulting her with inappropriate statements. He insists he is not hitting on her, but later tells Howard they “had a moment”. At a biology convention, Amy and Bernadette are surprised when two men buy them drinks. Bernadette implies Amy’s enthusiasm stems from her hunger for romantic affection from Sheldon, but they make up until Bernadette reveals she was attracted to the man resembling Sheldon, Amy preferring the one resembling Howard.


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