The Big Bang Theory Season 11 Episode 3

The Relaxation Integration - All Season 11 episodes

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Directed by: Mark Cendrowski

Story by : Chuck Lorre & Steve Holland & Adam Faberman

Teleplay by : Maria Ferrari & Andy Gordon & Tara Hernandez

Original air date: October 9, 2017

Sheldon cannot find the perfect wedding date and begins talking in his sleep, adopting the persona of a laid-back person who goes with the flow. Amy and Penny believe that his subconscious mind is trying to tell him to be more relaxed; his attempt to be so while wearing flip-flops ends in disaster. He decides to leave all the wedding planning to Amy while he wears a Star Trek uniform underneath his tuxedo. Meanwhile, Raj and Stuart both become interested in Bernadette’s new coworker Ruchi. While she likes them both as friends, she does not want a relationship with anyone.

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