The Big Bang Theory Season 11 Episode 11

The Celebration Reverberation - All Season 11 episodes

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Directed by: Mark Cendrowski

Story by : Steve Holland & Eric Kaplan & Alex Ayers

Teleplay by : Dave Goetsch & Maria Ferrari & Jeremy Howe

Original air date: December 14, 2017

Howard and Raj are still fighting so Howard dis-invites Raj to Halley’s birthday party. However, when Howard’s designated party planner Stuart pulls out at the last minute, Raj agrees to plan the party, which doesn’t turn out too well due to Halley being asleep, Bernadette on bed rest and no people turning up. When Howard and Raj get into a shoving match in the party’s bounce house, they end up letting out their frustrations with each other, but also having fun and reconciling. Leonard is depressed upon receiving his successful brother’s Christmas card and attempts to make a list of what he and Penny accomplished this year, but doesn’t come up with much. This prompts them to think about their plans for the future, so they decide to go on trips and achieve more out of life together before starting a family. Sheldon cooks Amy a Little House on the Prairie-themed birthday dinner, which gives them both food poisoning. They eventually recover enough to attend Halley’s birthday party with the others, where they decide to have fun in the bouncy castle and then have sex in Howard and Bernadette’s house.

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