The Big Bang Theory Season 11 Episode 16

The Neonatal Nomenclature - All Season 11 episodes

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Directed by: Gay Linvill

Story by : Eric Kaplan & Maria Ferrari & Anthony Del Broccolo

Teleplay by : Steve Holland & Tara Hernandez & Adam Faberman

Original air date: March 1, 20178

Bernadette’s due date arrives but she still hasn’t given birth. As Amy and Howard work together at the college, the rest of the friends try various ways to initiate her labor, though Sheldon wants to play a complicated board game instead. Amy shocks Howard by saying Bernadette has already decided to name the baby after her father, Michael. He doesn’t agree and everyone makes suggestions as to what to name the baby. Bernadette goes into labor and gives birth to a son named Neil, after Neil Armstrong, Neil Gaiman, and Neil Diamond, with Michael as the middle name.

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